Country: Italy
State: Campania
Location: 40° 45' 0" N - 14° 29' 6" E
Field Documentation Date(s): March 11th, 2003
Project Release Date(s): January 9th, 2006
Time Range: 700 BCE - 79 CE
Era: Etruscan, Samnite, Hellenistic, Roman
Culture: Roman
Site Authority: Soprintendenza Archeologica di Pompei

The city's site is a short distance north of the Sarno River and east of the Bay of Naples. Pompeii is enclosed by two miles of walls that encompass 9 hectares (23 acres) though the city itself. Within this beautiful countryside many wealthy Romans placed their homes. However, it was Pompeii's proximity to Mt. Vesuvius that ensured the city's place in history.